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The TRAGER® Approach to Psychophysical Integration

 ~  The Power of Ease  ~


"The human body has its own wisdom.

It is magnificently designed to function through the interconnected fluidity of all its systems.

The Trager Approach offers a simple way to elicit the natural response of balance and harmony throughout the system."

                                                                                                                                                                                Kate Rose

 What happens in a Trager session and afterwards? -

After the usual formalities, the Trager practitioner first takes you through movements to help you slow your pace and allow you to arrive in the presence, to encourage body awareness, and initiate relaxation in tight areas. Then on the table, she gently brings sensations of softness and weightlessness to your muscles and lightly moves your joints to increase flexibility and fluidity.

A Trager practitioner lets your body remember how it feels to be and to move without pain.

After the session your body feels softer and lighter. You are more aware of how it is connected, and how much more responsive it is to movement.

Your body is deeply relaxed, yet you are consciously alert. You can breathe again.

Your body and spirit already feel better.
Your feet are firmly planted on the ground, but
You feel light enough to dance among the clouds.
You are not hurt anymore.
You feel human again.

 The Trager Approach to Psychophysical Integration is intriguingly versatile. For instance, somebody with severe neuropathy usually appreciates a steady, soft touch with focus and intention, more similar to energy work. Another client enjoys a more vigorous session with firmer touch and more dynamic movements. In Trager work, the practitioner adjusts touch to the condition of the client’s body. Whether it is firm or light, touch is always soft and comfortable because the practitioner’s hands are always relaxed and her/his body at ease. This essentially is the secret behind the sustainability of the Trager Approach for clients as well as for practitioners.

No lotions, cremes, or oils are used with this modality. This allows the practitioner to work with clients who are extremely allergic to any kinds of oils, lotions, or fragrances. Clients who are very modest can stay dressed and still receive a session with excellent results.

Find more information on the official Trager websites:

https://www.tragerus.org/ and http://www.trager.com/introduction.html


More about the TRAGER®  Approach
At the age of 19 Milton Trager had been developing and working with his method for a few years. He worked with a young polio client and got him to walk again after having been paralyzed for four years, the first of many to follow.
Milton was a mail man with an eighth grade education.
Half a century later, after becoming an M.D. against all odds, he demonstrated his method to the renowned rehabilitation specialist Dr. René Caillet in Los Angeles. Dr. Caillet asked him to write an article about his work for a medical journal. After reviewing Milton’s writing Dr.  Caillet told Dr. Trager that his article would never get published: “When you do your work it is scientific; when you write about it, it is philosophical”. To Milton’s frustrations he found that words were [and to this day still are] inadequate tools to communicate the feeling nature of his approach.  (Moving Medicine)
Since then, the scientific community has done more research in the field and designated terminology that can be used to describe some aspects of TRAGER work like “neuromuscular response” and “neoplasticity of the brain”. However, this terminology still cannot adequately explain or describe Dr. Milton Trager’s versatile and compassionate approach that, to this day, helps many people with severe pain and physical restrictions.  
I am often being asked if this is energy work. I say, yes it is, but it is also a tangible, direct engagement of the brain, a stimulation to forget negative, restricting patterns of tension and focus on re-learning the positive feelings of freedom, effortlessness, softness, and connectedness in the body.
What immediately attracted me to this work is the gentle, compassionate, and playful touch. As I became more experienced, I started to notice immediate changes in the tissue during the sessions and changes in the whole body of my clients afterwards.
When I talk to people who have experienced a TRAGER session, no matter how long ago, they always remember the work because of how it made them feel.
Again, words are inadequate; the only way to get acquainted with this gentle, yet highly effective modality is to personally experience it in a session with a certified TRAGER practitioner and/or by participating in a TRAGER introductory workshop.
“This is just the beginning,” Milton would say. “What you have felt you can never lose. It’s not for the moment.” (Moving Medicine)
Trager®, Mentastics®, and the Dancing Cloud Logo are registered service marks of Trager International.
 Liskin, Jack. Moving Medicine. Station Hill Press, Inc., NY, 1996

For information on TRAGER Introductory workshops click here

The TRAGER®  Approach to Psychophysical Integration and Movement Education  
The TRAGER® Approach is a valuable modality for Massage Therapists, OTs, PTs, DCs, nurses, nurse assistants, Chiropractic assistants, anyone in home health care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more. TRAGER® is also a valuable tool for anyone who enjoys practicing the healing arts through touch. Only TRAGER® Certification is required to practice The TRAGER® Approach in TX.

~ TRAGER® Sneak Previews and Introductory Workshops:
For both, TRAGER® sneak previews and Introductory Workshops there are no prerequisites for participants. The TRAGER® sneak previews and Intro Workshops are suited for anyone, whether you are interested in the TRAGER® Approach as a potential client or as a Massage Therapist / Healthcare Practitioner.
~ Free Short TRAGER
® Sneak-Previews  (15 to 30 min.)
Call me to schedule your free TRAGER® sneak preview.  You can bring a friend or a group of friends if you like. For groups of four or more, I will be happy to travel to your preferred location.
® Introductory Workshops
 If you want to explore the TRAGER® Approach more in-depth, you can participate in a TRAGER® Introductory Workshop.  Licensed massage therapists in TX will receive Continuing Education credits.
Length of the workshop depends on size of group and intention: 6 to 12 hours.

Call for information on rates, class schedule, and location:  469-338-9748

Trager®, Mentastics® and the Dancing Cloud Logo are Service Marks of Trager International


TRAGER® Level I Professional Training 


September 24th – 29th, 2018

Fort Worth, Texas


In the Trager Level I training you will learn the Trager Principles, and how to apply them in the effortless approach that is unique to The Trager Approach.


Through demonstration, discussion, individual support and supervised practice with other students, you will be introduced to key elements of The Trager Approach. You will learn all the elements of a complete Trager Session protocol, applying the principles both vertically through the Mentastics® Movements and horizontally at the table.


Who can take the class: The Trager Level I training is open to massage therapists, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals. Also welcome are individuals interested in movement, awareness and mindful touch as vehicles for healing, change and integration of the body, mind and spirit. This is the primary foundation course that leads to Certification as a Trager Practitioner, and may also be taken as an extraordinary experience of self-development.


The Instructor: George Gottlieb   TRA GG 18

George resides in Seattle, Washington. He is a Trager® Practitioner, Tutor, Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. He has been in practice since 1986 and has been teaching since 2000. The pleasure if studying with Dr. Trager for over 10 years informs his teaching and his practice. His interest in bodywork was sparked by receiving Trager sessions during recovery from a serious accident, and is still part of an ongoing process revolving around maintaining health and heightened awareness.

George has studied and practiced other related fields including exercise, weight training, diet, natural health, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, communication skills, and conflict resolution. His strengths as a Practitioner and as an Instructor are a delight in the work, the ability to connect, work and teach from a meditative place, profound respect for the body under his hands, a juncture of kinesthetic understanding and intellectual curiosity, and a love for learning and sharing that which he knows.

Prior to his passion for bodywork, he worked as a manual laborer in many fields including wilderness firefighter, merchant seaman, commercial fisherman, time faller and carpenter.

He enjoys working in his shop, backpacking, sea kayaking, reading and playing with his grandchildren, as well as continuing to attain new skills.


Training Information:

Date: September 24th to 29th, 2018

Location: Fort Worth, TX 76112, Details TBA


Continuing Education Credits for LMTs: 48hrs accredited by NCBTMB (LMT is not a prerequisite for this class)

Prerequisites for Trager Level I:

1 Trager Introductory Workshop + 1 Trager session or 2 Trager sessions

You do NOT have to be a Licensed Massage Therapist to take this class.

Training Fees Trager Level I:

Early class registration: Tuition paid in full by 8/24/2018:  $1040  (tuition $900 + $140 USTA student membership)

Regular class registration: Tuition paid in full after 8/24/2018:  $1140  (tuition $1000 + $140 USTA student membership)

Registration deposit: $100 (non-refundable)

Preferred forms of payment: Check or money order made payable to Ruth Bucher.

                                                       Credit Cards are accepted with a processing fee of 4%.

                                                       Payment Option: Pre-training payment in installments with last payment/balance due on 8/24/2018

Training Fees must be paid in full by 9/24/2018.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation by 8/24/2018: full refund minus $100 non-refundable registration deposit and any credit card processing fees if applicable.
Cancellation 8/25 - 9/16/2018: 50% refund minus $100 non-refundable registration deposit and any credit card processing fees if applicable.
Cancellation 9/17 - 9/24/2018: no refund
In case of emergency or accident that prevents your attendance, the cancellation policy will be adjusted on a case by case basis.


For more Information and Registration Please Contact:

Ruth Bucher, LMT, MI, CE, Certified Trager Practitioner, Trager Introductory Workshop Leader

469-338-9748 (talk & text);  rubu1323@yahoo.com


Trager®, Mentastics® and the "Dancing Cloud Logo" are Service Marks of Trager International

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