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This Class Has Been Postponed until further notice.
If you are interested in a TRAGER Level 1 class this year, please visit http://trager.com/training

TRAGER® Level I Professional Training

With Kate Rose

Fort Worth, Texas

 Trager Lily

The human body has its own wisdom. It is magnificently designed to function through the interconnected fluidity of all its systems. The Trager® Approach offers a simple way to elicit the natural response of balance and harmony throughout the system by applying a series of principles that support the balanced function of the nervous system, the muscles, bones, and connective tissue of the body while reaching the unconscious mind to release the restrictive or rigid patterns formed in response to stress, injury & illness.

In the Trager Level 1 training you will learn the Trager Principles, and how to apply them in the effortless approach that is unique to The Trager Approach.

Through demonstration, discussion, individual support and supervised practice with other students, you will be introduced to key elements of The Trager Approach. You will learn all the elements of a complete Trager Session protocol, applying the principles both vertically through the Mentastics® Movements and horizontally at the table.

Dr. Trager coined the word Mentastics, Mental Gymnastics, meaning that it is the mind that moves, the mind that changes. As the unconscious mind receives the invitation through a series of movement suggestions it releases its old patterns. As the mind releases, the body changes quite instantly in response. Trager offers a new pattern: Freedom, ease, relaxation, fluidity. Mentastics are a self directed inner exploration of the entire system.

“It is the body that is the instrument and the mind is the conductor.”

Dr. Milton Trager- “Trager Mentastics®- Movement As a Way To Agelessness”

The Trager® Level I training is open to massage therapists, physical therapists, other allied health professionals, & individuals interested in movement, awareness & mindful touch as vehicles for healing, change & integration of the body, mind & spirit. It is the primary foundation course that leads to Certification as a Trager Practitioner, & may also be taken as an extraordinary experience of self- development.

“There is no limit in the development of the mind, as there is no limit to the feeling of the body.

Self-development is a never-ending process.....” Milton Trager, M.D.

“Kate’s teaching is a joyful experience, full of freedom and emphasizing trust and the rediscovery of the natural wisdom of our mind body being.”

Kate Rose has been a Trager Practitioner for 29 years. She recently returned to live in the U.S., after 12 years living in Italy and the South of France. She is an International Trager Instructor teaching all levels of The Trager® Approach worldwide and is the creator of the RoseAngelis™ Remedies, Quantum Flower Essences.  Kate teaches in Italy, France, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Egypt and Israel and the United States.
More about Kate Rose

For information and Registration please contact :

Ruth Bucher, Certified Trager Practitioner, Trager Introductory Workshop Leader

469-338-9748 (talk & text); rubu1323@yahoo.com


Training Info:


Continuing Education Credits for LMTs: 48hrs 

(LMT is not a prerequisite for this class; this class is approved by NCBTMB)


Training Fees TRAGER® Level I:

Early class registration by 8/31/2017:  $965
Payment in full by  TBA  $825 + $140 USTA student membership =   $965
Regular class registration by 9/30/2017:  $1040
Payment in full by  TBA:  $900 + $140 USTA student membership = $1040
Non-refundable Class deposit $150


For detailed information and registration packet please contact :

Ruth Bucher, 469-338-9748; rubu1323@yahoo.com


Prerequisites for TRAGER® Level I:
1 Trager Introductory Workshop + 1 Trager session or 2 Trager sessions
You do NOT have to be a Licensed Massage Therapist to take this class.
 Trager®, Mentastics® and the "Dancing Cloud Logo" are Service Marks of Trager International

About the Instructor:

Kate Rose has been a practicing healer and teacher for over 35 years. She began her studies and explorations with organic herbs and flower essences in 1972. Her discovery that she could heal herself gently and naturally has been the basis and foundation of all her study, work and practice. She became a Trager Practitioner in 1987 and had the great good fortune to work with Dr. Trager. She has practiced and taught the Trager Approach Worldwide since 1988. Kate is an Empathic Intuitive Healer with the gift of being able to perceive another’s feelings at the deepest level and translate those feelings into an understandable, potent and empowering language in support of each person’s unique healing process. She has been offering her ImagineHealing Workshops throughout the world and in 2012 created “The Swift Path to the Heart” a 7 week private one to one class on Skype, by phone or in person.

Kate has taught her workshops, trainings and retreats in Italy, France, Holland Scotland England, Israel, Egypt and the United States. She trained as a classical ballerina for 25 years, plays piano, by ear mostly, guitar and dulcimer, gardens, loves animals, especially her beautiful 3 year old dog Sophie. She lived in Italy and France for almost 12 years, and speaks Italian fluently.  She is a universal citizen, and has learned to make her home where her feet are, and bring her heart along. She was born a full empath and has spent over 45 years learning to use this gift with great skill, deep compassion and humor with no judgment, but open receptivity to understand. Her ability and willingness to join with someone and feel their pain to help create their healing, is unconditional and remarkable.

She returned to the U.S. in 2012, and in May 2017 moved to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Kate Rose is the creator with Nature of the RoseAngelis ™Remedies  
Quantum Flower Essences


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©Ruth Bucher, 2017,  rubu1323@yahoo.com